Bird Song JukeBox

The Bird Song JukeBox feature is new as of version 6.1.

NOTE: Internet access required on your PC.

I could find nothing like this for smart phones or PCs. I wanted the following:

  • Ability to learn to discern difficult songs/calls of birds in my area or an area I plan to bird. E.g. various Myiarchus flycatchers found where I live.
    • Two modes here, a) just play an endless set of recordings in random order for each species in my list while listening and attempting to correctly identify the species, and b) Quiz mode: where I quiz myself one audio-recording at a time (the best way to learn and reinforce your learning).
  • Ability to play a list of species seen at my home over the years, in the dead of winter; e.g. listen to my favorite bird songs while waiting for Spring to arrive.
  • Quickly play different audio recordings for any species I might have a question about.

To accomplish this, I leveraged the massive online database and public access of the Xeno-Canto ( audio library for birds to provide Birder’s Diary users with the above functionality. This JukeBox feature is designed to do all of this and more.

Quick How-To Section

  • Play audio for a specific bird
    Use the “Play Random Audio for AnyName” section in the middle of the main JukeBox window.
  • Create a List for playing or quizzing
    Click on the “Quiz/Play Lists” button at the top-right of the main JukeBox window to open the List Editor.
    See the section below for further help with that window. Once you have created/edited your list, return to the main window to use it for playing or quizzing.
  • Randomly play audio for a List of birds you have created
    Select the Play List from the dropdown on the upper-left of the main JukeBox window.
    Click the “Play Songs” button.
  • Quiz yourself on a List of birds you have created
    Select the Play List from the dropdown on the upper-left of the main JukeBox window.
    Click the “Quiz Me” button.
    The “Quiz Results” window appears. Click on the “How To…” button on this window for further instructions.
  • Remove a name from a list
    Click on the “Quiz/Play Lists” button on the main JukeBox window.
    Select the list from the dropdown and click the “Load List” button.
    Select the name or names in the list that you want to remove and click the “Remove Selected” button.
  • Filter the audio chosen for play 
    Use the various filter options found on the bottom left of the main JukeBox window to filter your audio by Type and Location.
    Use the Maximum Play Time slider to set the maximum time that any audio should play. Even if longer, it will stop at that time.

Main Window

Above you see the 5 main windows that come up the first time you click on the JukeBox button in the toolbar. This feature is also available under the Features main menu item.

On the left is the main JukeBox window where most of the functionality is found.

The others are shown by default but can be hidden if you wish to close them.

  • Now Playing window displays the current name of the bird being played with “Play Songs” is clicked. This window is sizable and moveable. And the font size can be changed to meet your needs. This is so you can see the name of the currently playing audio from across the room.
  • Audio Info window shows you information about the recording you are listening to.
  • Song History window shows you the history of each audio you have played. It is a specific match on the exact species and the exact audio that was previously played. You can play it again by selecting from the list and clicking the Play Selected button. This window is sizeable.
  • Sonogram window, if one exists for the current audio, will be shown and played along withe the audio. The width of this window can be resized.

Quiz/Play List Window

Use this window to build any list of Bird Names that you want to group together into a play or quiz list. For example, my backyard birds; Colombia Trip Birds; Myiarchus Flycatchers; Eastern Warblers; etc. etc.

Create a New List

Type in a new name and click on the Add New button. Now you can start adding names to the list using the features available on this window.

  • Add By Name – one at a time, or
  • Add By Location – based on sightings at a location or species that occur at the location.

Remove names from the list by selecting one or more names and clicking on the Remove Selected button.

Once you have the list the way you like it, click Close and it is now available back at the main JukeBox window.