Select Multiple Rows in a Grid

In Birder’s Diary there are times when you want to select more than one row in a grid in order to edit or delete those rows. For example, in the View/Edit window, there is a grid that displays the sightings you searched for using the View Sightings Setup window. This grid can display matching sightings, with each sighting being displayed on one or more visual rows depending on your setup.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to edit all of the “Dark-eyed Junco (Cassiar)” sightings. To do this, you must first select them all. But how do you do that?

Single Click

Clicking on any row selects that record.

Clicking on another row will select that record, but unselect the record previously selected. How do I get both the first row and the fourth row selected above?

Ctrl + Click

To select an additional row, hold the Ctrl (it may be labeled CTL or Ctl; but this is usually referred to as the control key on your keyboard) and click the additional record.

Now both records are selected. You can continue in this way to select more records until all the records you want are selected.

In addition, you can use this method to unselect any record already selected. For example, if you have 4 records selected, but want to unselect the third record, Ctrl+Click on the third record and only it will be unselected. Ctrl+Click acts as a toggle for individual record selection. It will select an unselected record, and it will unselect a selected record.

Shift + Click

If you have multiple records that occur contiguously (together) in the grid, you can select them all by selecting the first record with either a single click or Ctrl+Click (if you want to preserve other selections).

Then to select all the Cassiar Juncos in the list, Shift+Click the last Cassiar record. After doing this, all records from the last click to the Shift+Click record will be selected.

If you decided you wanted to edit them all, except the record from 11/2/2011, then you would Ctrl+Click that record to unselect it.