Editing a Sighting

Scenario: While reviewing your recent Colorado sightings records, you realized that you had put down the wrong location for some. You really saw the 4 Blue Jays in Wyoming. You should stop drinking so heavily while birding.

  1. You should have left the View & Edit Sightings window open from the last topic. If not, open it with the settings specified in the last topic.
  2. Select the Blue Jay Sighting row in the grid by clicking anywhere in that row.
    For Pro tips on how to select single and multiple rows on a grid in Windows, see this topic.
  3. Click the Edit Selected Row(s) button in the toolbar of this window.
  4. This will open the Edit Sightings window.
    1. Check the checkbox to the left of the Location label.
    2. TAB to the Location field and type ‘Wyoming’ into the location dropdown.
    3. Click the Update Button

Congratulations, you have now change the location of your Blue Jay Sighting from Colorado to Wyoming.