Version 6.2

  • V6.2 Build 1 – 10-Jul-2024
    • Fixed issue when using the popup menu item for “Show Sightings for This Trip” on the Trips Maintenance window. A change to the code for 6.2.0 fixed a problem that had been here for a long time. Unfortunately, the fix caused this feature to take > 1 min to complete. This has been fixed now. It takes less than 1 sec. 
    • Fixed an issue when updating eBird locations/species, where if a call to the eBird API produced no data, BD crashed. It no longer crashes, and moves onto the next location/species instead.
  • V6.2 Build 0 – 2-Jul-2024
    • Updated the Find Any Feature (F1) window to include as many features as possible available in BD. Now finding any functionality is as simple as pressing F1 and typing in a few keywords.
    • The Sightings Document window has upgraded the Crop feature. It is now more intuitive and functions like other crop tools. You can resize the drawn crop area by clicking and dragging on any edge.
    • Fixed bug where importing Checklist Data from the Checklist TAB in the Reports window would say it found zero names.
    • Added feature to dropdown menu in Sightings View/Edit window allowing users to create any new Thing from this window. Pressing “T” on this window will auto-activate this function.
    • Optimized Name Search rebuilds to reduce the number of times this happens due to changes in names, etc.
    • Added the Family name to the ‘Thing Xref’ window. e.g. [Family] Genus species
    • Updated the new Find Any Feature (F1) functionality. It will now search for any words entere in any order for matches. Prior to this entering “one bird” would only find topics that had “one bird” in the text. But now it will find any topic with both “one” and “bird” anywhere in the text.
    • New feature for eBird Sightings Imports. There is a new checkbox on the Sightings Import Tab. If checked, it will auto-create a Trip for the sightings being imported and attach those sightings to that Trip. This is already done for BD Mobile imports.
    • Fixed bug in the Import Checklist code that would fail under rare circumstances.
    • There is a new feature that is available from the Trip maintenance window. It will summarize your trips by month or year, specifying number of outings, total time and average time.
      If you use BD Mobile for Android, and have it configured to do so, it will automatically create Trips on each Outing uploaded. This is a great way to track your time spent birding each month and year. For this to work, you need to have trips defined and then have your sightings attached to those trips. There is an option on this window to Show on Startup.
    • Corrected issue where pressing Ctrl+N on the Sightings Documents window doesn’t popup the add new file window to the front.
    • Added new Memory checkbox to the User-defined Fields/Data section of the Keyboard Entry window. If checked, then UDF settings from the previous sighting are not cleared after clicking Add Sighting. A convenient way to set the same UDF values on subsequent sightings.
    • When Cloning sightings in the Sightings View/Edit, the Name field is automatically selected and Focus is set to the Name field. A convenience update.
    • Corrected the “NC?” (Not Countable) column in the Sightings View/Edit window. It used to be labeled as “Countable”, when it really meant “Not Countable”.
    • Corrected some instances where the Sightings History popup window on the Sightings View/Edit window (when the mouse is paused over the Common Name column for 1.5s) does not auto-hide.
    • Fixed bug where selecting for only the First Sighting of a Thing in the Sightings View Setup window would correctly pick the first Sighting entered when multiple first sightings of the same Thing were entered on the same date.
    • Fixed bug where some comments were not correctly shown if they contained double-quotes, on the Sightings View/Edit window.
    • Fixed bug where filtering on a Trip did not properly select all Sightings from all descendants of the selected Trip also.
    • Fixed bug when creating HTML report from Sightings View/Edit window. In rare circumstances, strings were not displayed properly in UTF-8 format.
    • Fixed bug in HTML report where it would crash if the size of the report exceeded 32MB in size.
    • Fixed scrolling bug in UDF section of Sightings Keyboard Entry window. Sometimes the bottom UDF field was partially hidden.
    • Created a new feature available from the Life List Tab of the Reporting (F7) window.
      Many users keep photos of their birds, butterflies, etc. in BD. If you do so, you can produce a sharable HTML photo report of all the species for a given location.
      For example, I wanted to produce a report of all the butterflies (or birds) seen at my home. It should list all the species I have seen and the top X photos for each species. I have dozens of each species rated from 1 to 5.
      You can specify the Image Size, Max Photos, Min Rating of any photo to include. It will pick the X top-rated photos to display.
      You can also append any text or image file(s) to the report; such as an abundance chart produced in BD!