Capturing Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and Distance Traveled on Import

The BD Mobile Sightings Import file contains fields beyond the standard name, location, date and time, count and comments.

It also contains:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • hAccuracy (horizontal accuracy)
  • Altitude
  • vAccuracy (vertical accuracy)
  • distanceTraveled

You can capture this data automatically on import by simply creating a UDF field before the import with these names.

Select View | User-defined Sightings Data from the main menu to open this window.

Use the Add New button to add a new user-defined field.

Add one for each field you want to auto-capture on import from BD Mobile Sightings import files.

Now this data will be automatically capture and can be viewed and used in the View Sightings feature of BD Desktop.

Be sure you show User-defined Data on the View Sightings window.

On any sighting row that contains a latitude and longitude UDF, right-clicking on that row to get the popup menu will give you an option to view that location on Google Maps.