Version 6.1

  • V6/1 Build 8 – 25-Sep-2023
    • Added a new feature to the Trip Maintenance window. A new menu option in the popup menu, when you right-click on a Trip, allows you to MOVE All Sibling Trips (Trips at the same level as selected Trip) under the selected Trip as Children of that Trip.
      My Trips started out looking like this…

      Now they look like this…

  • V6.1 Build 7 – 24-Sep-2023
    • Drag-n-drop in the Trip tree-view allowed dropping one trip onto another where the first trip is not contained by the second trip’s dates. This has been fixed. The user will receive an error message on such a drop and the drop is not allowed to happen.
    • Increased the size of the Checklist Comments field on the eBird Export window from 3 to 5 lines in height. In order to not make this window any taller, I reduced the size of the font used in most places on this window from 10 pts to 9 pts.
  • V6.1 Build 6 – 19-Sep-2023
    • Fixed a couple bugs in the eBird Export window. The prior logic was incorrectly calculating travel time and a few other values under rare conditions. This is now corrected.
    • Auto-add Trip comments for all Trips connected to selected Sightings. This is an option that can be turned on or off. This allows the user to see Outing-related (trip-related) comments during the eBird export process for the purposes of tailoring start time, duration and distance; among other things.
  • V6.1 Build 5 – 16-Sep-2023
    • Added “T” feature to new screensaver. This will tag the current sighting comments with the string “@SS”. You can then search for all sightings with that tag for later processing. This is faster than manually added the string yourself with the new Edit Comments feature added in Build 4.
    • In the past, if you selected all sightings in the View & Edit Sightings window and then clicked on the Photos icon (Show All Attachments for Selected Rows) in this window’s toolbar, the photos were shown in chronological order, not in the order they appear in the Sightings Grid. This is now changed. The photos will appear in the same order as they are currently sorted in the View Sightings Grid. If, on the other hand, you individually select one or more sightings you want to view the photos for by Ctrl+Click’ng on a row one at a time, then the photos are shown in the order that you clicked on them.
  • V6.1 Build 4 – 16-Sep-2023
    • Added checkbox to the bottom of the eBird Export window; defaults to checked. If checked this will force the window to auto-close on Export. Your last setting is remembered.
    • In the Taxonomy Viewer window, we added accelerators to the Add (Ctrl+Shft+A), Edit (Ctrl+Shft+E) and Close (Esc) butttons.
    • In the new v6.1 screensaver, I have added the option for editing the comment of the Sighting for the current photo being displayed. Pressing “C” while any photo is being displayed will bring up a text editor so that you can edit the comment. It supports bold (ctrl+B), italics (ctrl+I), underline (ctrl+U) and bullets (ctrl+L).
      I have found that when viewing the photos I find mistakes I have made (wrong species to sighting) or that I later want to do something with that photo like send to a friend. So, I can now press “C” and quickly tag the comment with any text such as “wrong pic”, or “check photo”, or “paint”, to be searched on in BD later to bring it up and take action.

  • V6.1 Build 3 – 23-Aug-2023
    • Added Family and Scientific Name (g + s + ss) to the new v6.1 screensaver.

  • V6.1 Build 2 – 21-Aug-2023
    • Added a few new features to the Sightings Attachments window
      • Open the current file (photo, etc) in the default Windows App. This was always here, but now I have added a Ctrl+E accelerator for it instead of having to click the button in the toolbar.
      • Ability to specify another application for opening the current photo. For example, an image markup application or other image editor. Ctrl+1 is the accelerator for this feature. You specify the path to the App you want this to activate on the Attachements Option window.
      • Refresh the current file. This is handy after you have edited the current file in another application. Ctrl+R is the accelerator for this feature, or there is also a new refresh button in this window’s toolbar.

  • V6.1 Build 1 – 20-Aug-2023
    • Removed option for disabling screensaver on new Juke Box window. This was causing screensavers to be disabled unless manually reset via the Windows Change Screen Saver dialog.
    • Update bird list automatically upon change in the new Juke Box window. When the user changes the Play List, update the grid below that.
    • Correct wording on Juke Box Tip Window.
  • V6.1 Build 0 – 16-Aug-2023
    • Added Bird Song JukeBox functionality. Be quizzed on any group of bird sounds to learn and/or prepare for an upcoming trip. Build your own bird lists for listening or quizzing. Quickly listen to dozens of sound recordings for any species you want. Read all about it here.

    • For those that attach and keep photos with Birder’s Diary, v6.1 has a new Windows ScreenSaver! It will display your photos based on your criteria with name, location and date for each photo. Read all about it here.