Viewing Sightings

Scenario: You want to view your bird sightings from Colorado, that you just entered in the previous step – ‘Adding a Sighting‘.

  1.  Click on the View/Edit toolbar button.
    This will open the View Sightings Setup window.
    Fill out this form in the Order shown below. Be sure to click the Clear Data Filter button first to clear out any previous settings on the left side.
    And click the Continue button.
  2. This will display the View & Edit Sightings window. You should see the 3 Sightings you entered in the previous section.
  3. If the 3rd toolbar button from the left on this window is not in a pressed state please click it to show the Options Panel.
    This is how you control the visible columns in this window. You can turn on/off
  4. In this window’s toolbar, there are many graphical buttons that perform various functions. Holding your mouse over each button will give you a short description of what each does.
    Some buttons are only enabled when one or more rows are selected.
  5. This window is highly customizable. For a detailed list of functionality on this window, right-click on the sightings grid to get a popup menu and choose Help.

Now, let’s learn how to edit your sightings! Please go to the Editing a Sighting topic, next in this book. Leave the View & Edit Sightings window open for this next topic.