Getting Help in Birder’s Diary

If you are new to Birder’s Diary, and you haven’t already, completing the Quick Start Guide is a must to get the most out of this tool.

After that, become familiar with these methods for getting assistance while using Birder’s Diary.


  • TOOLTIPS: All PC programs consist of controls (e.g. menus, buttons, dropdowns, text fields, check boxes, grids, etc.) that perform a certain function. Generally, the first time user can intuit the meaning of a control from the label or context on the window where it resides. But sometimes, you need just a little more to get the gist of what it does or a quick reminder of what it does. Tooltips are the answer. Pause your mouse over the control for a brief moment and a longer description will appear. This description is intended to give you enough info to answer 99% of all questions about what/how/why for that control.
  • FIND ANY FEATURE (F1): New with v6.0 of Birder’s Diary, pressing F1 anywhere in the program will bring up the “Find Any Feature” window. In here you can search for a function, feature, setting, etc. by keyword. If you find what you are looking for, it will open the approriate window with a double-click on the selected feature.
  • YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIALS: There are many YouTube video tutorials available online that teach many concepts in Birder’s Diary. These tutorials are accessible form the Support menu on this site and under the Help menu when using Birder’s Diary. In addition, many windows that have their own Video Tutorial contain a special button (usually with a brown background) that will directly open the Video in question.
  • FORUMS: The online forums on this site contain a searchable list of questions and answers already asked and answered by users. Every question is answered and your post will receive a prompt response from support usually 12x7x365!
  • And finally, if none of the above is working for you or you simply prefer, send email to and you will receive a prompt response from support in this way.