Birder’s Diary ScreenSaver

The ScreenSaver feature is new as of version 6.1.

This feature taps into any photos you saved in Birder’s Diary by attaching them to Sightings.

Based on your settings for the ScreenSaver, it will cycle through all photos matching the specified Rating (new in v6.0), as well as optional Start/End Dates.

It’s a great way to relive a lifetime of birding and photography and remember your trips. You can set it up just to play your more recent trips, last year, or any time you like.


  • Move your Mouse to show feature screen tips.
  • Esc to exit
  • Space to pause/restart the slide show
  • Left/Right Arrow keys to move back and forward
  • “S” to display the Settings dialog to change settings and restart the show
  • Press 0 thru 5 on your keyboard to set the Rating of the photo while you are watching
    • You can Pause the slide show by pressing the Space Bar and then user your left/right arrow keys to move through your pictures and set the Rating on each one. Your change is saved to the database.

Every photo attached to your Sightings in Birder’s Diary is displayed in random order, based on your screensaver settings. The whole list is displayed before any photo is shown a second time.