Importing Sightings From Birder’s Diary Mobile

When completing Outings using Birder’s Diary Mobile for Android, you will eMail a Sightings Import File from your Android device running Birder’s Diary Mobile to your Desktop computer running Birder’s Diary Desktop.

Once you are at your desktop computer with Birder’s Diary Desktop and have received your eMail containing the import file (BDMOBILE-SIGHTINGS-IMPORT-xxxx.csv), using your eMail client, save the import file to your local computer. A good place to save it is to C:\Birder’s Diary.

Start Birder’s Diary Desktop.

 Once you import your first BD Mobile file, every time you start BD Desktop, it will check the same directory to see if one or more new import files are present to be imported. And you will be prompted to import the file. This is a great time-saving feature. Click on the Import button to be taken to the Sightings Import window.

If you were not prompted to import a file, then go to the Sightings Import window…

  1. Click on File | Import/Export…
  2. Select the Sightings Tab

  1. Select the “import Sightings from CSV-formatted File” option
  2. Select the observer for whom the sightings will be imported
  3. NOTE: No need to select the Taxonomy. Imported names will be auto-matched across multiple taxonomic lists.
  4. Click the Import button

Your sightings will be imported. You will be prompted if any names or locations are unknown.

After import, you will be asked if you want the import file deleted.

New in v5.3.16, you will be prompted if you have a Track file to import. This Track file is exported and sent to you via e-mail along with your Sightings import file if you configure this option on the Finish Outing window configuration page – “Submit Checklist Options”. If you import a Track file, it must be attached to the Trip you created for the Sightings imported. For this reason, it is also a good idea (it saves you a couple steps) to use the option to auto-Create Trip on Import; also available from the Submit Checklist Options page.