Keep Birder’s Diary In Sync Between Two or More Computers

The best way to do this is to

  1. Make changes on one computer,
  2. then perform a backup of your database,
  3. then move that backup to your 2nd computer,
    1. With v4.0 and later, you can have attachments (photos, etc.) to sightings. These attachments are all kept in one directory. To find out which directory, open the Options window (File | Options), choose the More TAB, and look at the bottom. You will also need to copy all of these files over to your second computer so that you will have access to them there. NOTE: if you have a network drive, just keep all of your files there and multiple computer can access the attachments from the same location if they have access to the same network drive.
  4. and restore that backup.

 Moving the backup from one computer to the other can be done any number of ways and is beyond the scope of this topic. For example, if your computers are connected via a network, you might use Windows Explorer to move the file from one computer to the other. Other common methods may be to use Windows Explorer to copy the backup file from your local hard drive to a flash drive or memory stick, or to put the backup file onto a CDrom/DVD disc. In this case, you would take the device you placed the backup on and place it in your second computer for the restore operation. For help on using Windows Explorer or copying files over a network, please see Windows Help.

 Backups are only supported to your local computer’s hard drive. Attempting to perform a backup to a CD/DVD or flash/memory drive may not work. If it does not work, perform the backup to your local hard drive and then use Windows Explorer to move it from your local hard drive to your secondary media. For help on using Windows Explorer to copy files, please see Windows Help.

 Always exit and restart Birder’s Diary after performing a restore operation.