Last Sightings Entered

You can configure Birder’s Diary to display the last X (between 20 and 240) sightings you have entered. This is a nice feature to remind you what you last entered and to be able to quickly edit any of those sightings.

You configure this option from the Options window, Background TAB.

As you can see above, you can configure which sightings as shown by filtering among selected taxonomic lists, observers and a location. At the very least, one taxonomic list must be specified.

Use the Slider for # of sightings to indicate how many to always display in the grid from 20 to 240.

The Last Sightings table can be displayed on the left, right or bottom of your main Birder’s Diary window.

  • Only when the table is on the bottom can you resize the widths of the individual fields.

    After dragging and changing the widths, the relative sizes will be remembered, no matter where the table is displayed.
  • You can configure certain attributes of this table via the main Birder’s Diary window popup menu; right-click anywhere on the main Birder’s Diary window background.
  • You can hide the table from the popup menu, or by pressing Ctrl+G anytime. Use Ctrl+G to quickly show/hide this table in order to free up space on your background.
  • You can select one to many rows in the table at anytime and edit those sightings using the standard Sightings Editor. Use the popup menu to edit selected rows.
  • You can also copy selected rows to the Windows Paste Buffer using the popup menu. This will copy the Common Names of each selected row into your Windows Paste Buffer. You can use that to quickly paste them, for example, into your email editor using Ctrl+V.
  • You can size the table in the right or bottom position to take up more or less space on your background. To change the width of your table when it is in the left position, first move it to the right position, resize by positioning your mouse over the left edge until it turns into a left-right arrow and drag your table left or right to resize it. After you are satisfied with the size, move it back to the left position.